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Our Facility

Our new facility with 20 acres of parking, is located less than 3 miles northeast of Stephenville, TX, on N US Hwy 377.

Under one roof are two covered arenas, each measuring 143' wide by 256' long.  There is an ample warmup space before you enter both Arena 1 and Arena 2.  A covered 30' by 850' lane on the Southeast side leaves tons of room for tying horses and moving in between arenas.  On the northwest side of the building are bleachers, restrooms, food trailers, and an entry office near the main warmup area.

The stall barn is a separate building, not far from the first warmup area, and contains 100 Priefert stalls with mats. Under construction as of January, 2023, there will be covered 10' X 10' panel stalls behind the RV hookups. These will offer extra convenience for those staying in their trailer to have their horse right behind them! We will announce when a portion of these RV stalls are ready for your horses.


There is a large cattle barn behind the arena with large pens, fans, and automatic waterers for cattle holding during roping events. We have comfortably held 700-800 roping steers at one time. Cattle remain under roof so they will stay dry in rainy conditions!

Currently, there are 72 RV hookups. *Please note the hookups only provide electricity at the moment. We are in the process of installing a chlorinated water system per State regulations so we are not providing water at the hookups until the system is installed. Please fill your water tank in your trailer prior to renting a spot. In the mean time, Green Deer RV Park is located just 3 miles away, at 3673 E South Loop, Stephenville.  They are prepared to accept horse trailers during our events until our hookups are finished.  Green Deer RV Park phone number is (254) 977-4590.  Of course, all trailers with generators are welcome to stay on-premises overnight.

Barrel Racing

We're excited to offer weekly barrel racing jackpots with exhibition sessions as well on Mondays!

The arenas are set up for both a WPRA standard pattern, as well as our "377 pattern," which is 15' shorter for each barrel for our second set of lasers.

Team Roping

X-Treme Team Roping will be offering weekly team roping jackpots on Wednesdays! 

Other producers will also be holding team roping jackpots on weekends.  We have 2 covered arenas with spacious warmup areas, as well as plenty of room to tie horses, all under one roof.

barrel racer 1.jpeg
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