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Stalls & RV

All Stall & RV Reservations are done online. NO after hours stall office!

Allow 60min for your stall/RV #s to be posted BELOW!

Stalls must be purchased by 7pm to guarantee they will be unlocked. 

Stall & RV assignments will be posted within 24 hours before event.

Adding Shavings, RV or Stalls?
Stall & RV Assignments:

Stalls $25/Night | RV $25/Night | Shavings $10

All stalls are covered.

One bag of SHAVINGS MUST be purchased with EACH stall in main barn.

You may bring your own shavings after the 1st bag purchased.

We require the shavings for compatibility with our stall vacuum system.

NO SHAVINGS in PANEL STALLS (they have fresh sand).

Tie outs are also allowed in permitted areas.

No Refunds on Reservations.

Stall Barn | $25/night | 100 Stalls Dirt with Mats (Must purchase shavings.)

RV Front | #33-72 | 30&50amp | No Water | May build portable pens behind on grass

RV Back | #1-31 | 30&50amp | No Water | 10x10 sand panel stalls - 2 per RV Spot

Panel Stalls | Sand 10x10 stalls under cover | $20/night | 2 per Back RV - *NO SHAVINGS ALLOWED in panel stalls, as there is soft, fresh sand.

Online Reservation Questions: Text Michaela 218-464-3859

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Panel Stalls | RV BACK LOT
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